procedure for installing your Canon Inkjet using online resources. – We offer independent printer installation services to Canon printer owners. When a Canon printer is connect to a computer, the system with operating system like Windows XP or older will prompt for a driver installation; only then the computer will detect the Canon printer. In case the driver CD is unavailable at the moment, people can still the printer via other sources.

Why you should opt for

  1. To obtain upgraded and latest drivers for Canon printers
  2. All the Canon printer models are pretty dependable and fast
  3. The installation procedure given on is quite simple
  4. The tech support professional for Canon printer installation will be there throughout the process, in case there are issues at the time of installation
  5. If people buy printers they can find the canon ij setup printed on the boxes for driver downloads
  6. The above can be used to download most of the driver versions do Canon printers

Steps to install Canon USB printer on your windows PC

  1. You should first unbox your Canon printer and install the cartridges on to the same
  2. One of the USB cable should be connected to the mill, wherein the other end should be connected to the computer
  3. Once you connect the printer to your PC, the installation will be automatically done
  4. If the installation does not start automatically, then you need to go to the official Canon website on the PC
  5. Once com/ijsetup is open on your computer, you can download the driver by searching for your printer model

The above-mentioned steps can help your Canon printer onto your personal computer via a USB cable.

Procedure for setting up your Canon wireless printer on your Windows PC

  1. The cartridges should be installed on the Canon printer and the printer should be powered on
  2. Ensure your WiFi router has the WPS button. Your computer and printer should be connected through the same WiFi network
  3. Visit on your PC and search for your Canon printer model to download the latest, compatible version of the printer driver
  4. Download the file and install by following the instructions. It will detect your Canon printer and install the drivers automatically
  5. If the installation doesn’t happen automatically, the you have to do it manually. Choose the radio option on your printer by going to settings. Then the WPS button should be pressed on the printer. All done, now your device is connected
  6. Once the driver is installed, give a test print from your PC to check if the printer is working fine

How to install Canon printer without a driver CD?

Follow the steps given below to install your Canon printer without the driver CD.

  1. Unpack the Canon printer and power it on
  2. These days, computers don’t require a CD/DVD drive. So, you can download the drivers for Canon printer by visiting
  3. Download the compatible drivers from this be searching for your operating system and the model of your Canon printer
  4. Open the downloaded file by double clicking and follow the On-screen instructions to get the drivers for your printer

If you are still facing issues with the installation, then you can post the same here in the appropriate section to get your queries cleared.

How to install Canon Printer MAC?

  1. Visit to install your printer
  2. Insert the cartridges and power your printer on
  3. Connect the printer with the computer using a USB cable
  4. For automatic driver installation, click the option “Add Printer”
  5. If the installation does not happen or fails, you should download the drivers from com/ijsetup MAC
  6. Click the downloaded file to install the printer

If you don’t have a USB cable handy, follow the steps given below

  1. Turn your printer ON
  2. Locate the WPS button on the router
  3. Download the drivers by visiting MAC
  4. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions
  5. If you are prompeted to press the WPS button, do it followed by pressing the OK button on your Canon printer
  6. The printer will be connected through the network after the above step
  7. Click “Add Printer” option on your MAC PC and install the printer
  8. Now you are all set; print something to how your printer works